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We are making ITMAGINATION a great place to work that's why with us you will constantly develop your skills by using modern technologies and working in international projects. Want to join?

We are making ITMAGINATION a great place to work that's why with us you will gain industry knowledge working on strategic projects for international customers. Would you like to make a change?

We are making ITMAGINATION a great place to work that's why with us you will be able to work with people from multiple cultures and countries. Want to make a difference?

We are making ITMAGINATION a great place to work that's why with us you will be able to work at flexible hours and locations. Want to be a part?

We are making ITMAGINATION a great place to work that's why with us you will grow with us. For the last 4 years we’ve been recognized by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing IT companies in Central Europe. Sounds impressive?

At ITMAGINATION, there’s always a place for people with remarkable skills, proven experience and open mind.

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Skilful and gifted professionals look for an employer that understands their needs and supports them in the pursuit of new abilities, personal development and outstanding opportunities.

At ITMAGINATION, we realize perfectly well the necessity to provide convenient working conditions, an impressive portfolio of clients to cooperate with, attractive salaries and respect for the work-life balance.

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Wouldn’t it be great to work at a company that treats you like a person and not just a human resource?

At ITMAGINATION, we look after your body, mind and spirit.

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We’re H2H - human-to-human, people are the most important to us. And these are some of the amazing humans from our team.

Here’s their story inside and outside ITMAGINATION.

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Success stories

ITMAGINATION is a place with exceptional opportunities to develop your talents and skills.

See for yourself the future that awaits you at ITMAGINATION.

Konrad Wypchło Data Division Director Karolina Studzińska Employee Experience Coordinator Paulina Kamieniecka Data Management Team Manager Szymon Warda Chief Software Architect
2011 How did I get to where I am now? By accident, to be frank. I joined ITMAGINATION whilst studying as a C developer. It was my first serious job in the IT business. 2014 I joined ITMAGINATION in 2014 as an IT Recruiter. I remember my first conversation with ITMAGINATION to this day. I was on my way home from work when I answered a call from the recruiter (at that time it was Natalia Pedrycz - today she is the HR Director) who said that someone from the IT industry recommended me for a job opening. Soon enough it turned out that it was Paweł Borowski (presently a board member), whom I worked with in the past. And thus I met Natalia who interviewed me and shortly after I started working at ITMAGINATION in the recruitment team. I worked for almost a year as a recruiter. 2013 I have to say that there are two things which I can think of when ITMAGINATION is mentioned: a big space to develop yourself and a credit of trust. In 2013, when I came to ITMAGINATION I already knew that I am into Business Intelligence. However, I still lacked some technical knowledge and this is what the company gave me during my first months. 2011 I come across the ITMAGINATION job advert and, as the guys do not insist on smart casual dress code, I manage to schedule an interview quite quickly. My attire prompts Marta Wierzbińska from finances to greet me with the comment: “We did not order a courier”. A week later we signed a contract, albeit not for courier services.
2012 After a couple of months I was approached by Daniel Arak and offered a job in the department for a very simple reason – he needed more staff in this particular team. I agreed, of course, and started learning the secrets of BI from scratch. In the long run, BI turned out to compliment the passions I developed whilst studying: data analysis and management, Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics and statistics. 1/2015 Daniel Arak approached me with a new opportunity which arose in the sales team. For me, the move to the sales team as a Business Development Specialist was the next step in my development and understanding of the industry. The beginnings were hard, winning Customers turned out to be a drawn out process - I will certainly not forget my first customer anytime soon. After many unsuccessful attempts to establish contact - I personally turned up unannounced on the doorstep of the company which I had in my sights. I took cakes and coffee with me and surprised the customer as I did not have an appointment. Unfortunately, I did not win their business, but the situation taught me a lot and to this day it remains one of the most interesting moments in my career. 2014 I joined Włodek Bielski’s team where I had an opportunity to work independently on a new international project. In the beginning it was a challenge, but gradually I began to appreciate it, because it helped me to discover that I can and want to do more than just pure programming. 2012 I spend the first year developing an insurance system for one of clients with Bartek Stopa, whom I convinced to join ITMAGINATION. When this project comes to an end, my contract is extended and I start working for the team developing project for our biggest client - Skanska. And there, in no time at all I get my own team and a load of responsibilities. Well, challenges that is. The first year is marked by major changes and extraordinary project expansion. There is no time to twiddle our thumbs. I set up the working structure in the team and put together an infrastructure team. At the same time, I take pleasure in observing, and sometimes even influencing how the company's DNA comes together.
2013 18 months later, I was promoted to Business Intelligence Program Manager, which means that right now I work with Clients as well as ITMAGINATION teams. To wrap up - ITMAGINATION presented me with a perfect opportunity to use my actual interests to make a decent living. 4/2015 Another opportunity arises and I move to Kraków in order to help with establishing a new branch and recruiting consultants. There. I helped to build the business practically from scratch. Six months down the line I was faced with another opportunity, again entailing a move, this time to Trójmiasto, or Gdynia to be more precise. There, as a HR&Business Development Manager I recruited new staff and acquired customers. 2015 ITMAGINATION’s credit of trust not exhausted. I am offered the Data Management Team Manager position. Despite my young age, Daniel and Konrad knew that I will be able to manage a group of people and lead the project. Now I use all I have learned at ITMAGINATION – to build an inspiring relationship based on partnership and trust both inside my team and with clients. But more importantly I have an opportunity and the drive to continually develop by constantly seeking new challenges. You will never get bored at ITMAGINATION! 2013 Responsibilities pile up with the growth of the project (more than 45 developers) - I officially accept the project architect’s post.
2016 I am a Board Member responsible for Data Management division. To wrap up - ITMAGINATION presented me with a perfect opportunity to use my actual interests to make a decent living. 2016 Love, left behind in Warsaw, stands in the way of further work in Gdynia. In 2016 I returned to the capital and assumed a new position at the company. Now I am responsible for Employee Experience.     2014 Dynamic expansion of the project. We share our experiences with the .NET community. I participate ever more often in establishing projects outside of the one for Skanska.
            2016 After 5 years I am promoted to Chief Software Architect - I will look after the best possible practices associated with running projects in the material sense and in terms of personnel. Good company DNA is also high on my list of priorities.



The IT community lies at the core of every software development house – our mission is to help it grow by supporting key organizations and initiatives. That's why you can meet ITMAGINATION folks during bunch of events.

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